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When every second counts


When a person experiences respiratory or cardiac failure, it is typically called a code blue. During a code blue a combination of physical, electrical, and chemical interventions are used to resuscitate the patient.

The American Heart Association ® regularly updates the recommended sequence and timing of these efforts. There is a great deal of research that goes into these recommendations.

There is no event in the hospital setting where timing and actions are more critical than during a code blue. Following the recommended actions can mean the difference between life and death.

The Code Blue App is a tool made for hospital staff to use during a code blue. This app helps them time the actions in a code blue to the American Heart Association's ® recommendations. It is simple to use and records the data needed for hospital records.

This app was developed by Jace Billingsley for the Congressional App Challenge 2021. His father is a respiratory therapist, and he participates in resuscitation efforts very frequently. Many times, the documentation efforts in a code blue are not as detailed and accurate as is needed. This app can assist any healthcare provider to deliver better lifesaving efforts during a code blue.

At the end of a code blue, a file with the code blue's actions is downloaded to the computer for insertion into the medical record.


The Code Blue App offers a simple user interface for both desktop and mobile devices. For hospital environments there is also an auto start link. If your user interface is not rendering correctly, try using the mobile link. If the problem persists you can contact me at

If text is leaking out of the box, or is not big enough, zoom in or out (ctrl and + or ctrl and -).


You can contact Jace Billingsley, the creator of The Code Blue App, via email at

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